Your best enemy

…so where do Llamateurs come from.

Let’s face it. Everyone suffer from this disease. No, no, I’m not talking about the periodic back pain (yes, it’s already this age!), year to year vision deterioration or constant complaining syndrome. No. The disease is silent, however insidious and much more complex (or maybe not?), extensive, affecting hundreds and thousands… Moreover, we can detect its first signs already in prehistory!


Yes. So is the name. I could widen the topic and say that we are touched by fear everywhere, all the time and without respite.
That fear is our companion since the early years (with smaller or greater intensity) and is more or less cherished.
That he looks at us even from supermarkets’ shelves (‘is this healthy for sure?’), advises in difficult moments of life and attacks by surprise if we think about changing the existing mode of life or simply to change anything.
And I could talk more and more about all those things, but I won’t, cause … what does it have to do with the blog, Llamateurs or us at all?


We are also sick! Even more – we are scared of everything like a damn! Starting with the spiders, through claustrophobic caves, injuries and, finally, the fact that maybe it’s too late for some life decisions or take challenges now…


Firstly, challenges and changes are life motors and it is never too late to make them (ok, cliché is a cliché but, in fact, people need clichés – either for laugh or motivate themselves, and, to be honest, shouldn’t this be their purpose?). Besides, someone wise said once that the only constant should be change, what really has sticked to my memory.

Secondly, I don’t want to write about what we are feared of and what stage of the disease we have stuck in. I want to write about finding the remedy. Surely, there won’t be a clear prescription for that and maybe not everybody wants to overcome it, but we decided to do so and this blog is only a final step or maybe a beginning of a new era in our lives. So how to fight with/accept this disease or let’s even go further – find benefits?

Answer 1

Remain active. Mentally or physically – your choice. I bet you don’t need encouragement for physical activity. We all know what the benefits are, how good it is for us and, believe or not, it overcomes fear really quickly. Mental activity, for a change, is an extraordinary +10 points for self-esteem, perhaps the social acceptance (if you are looking for this one), and the mind is power and blocker of scaaaary thoughts at the same time if we direct it properly. For the bravest (behold!) we suggest challenge 2 in 1 – reading about how to deal with fear, maybe even 3 in 1 – audiobook on the treadmill (about Llamateurs’ 2 in 1 method you can read here ).

Answer 2

Put cat around its tail (polish saying meaning to twist everything around). The more scared you are, the more…do it (just… DO IT!!!! 🙂 ). In a sense, it was, and still is, our motto, recently forgotten a little bit (forgotten with premeditation with small suggestion of fear…)
And hence the idea of a blog (finally! I got to the point!) This is our remedy for here and now. We always wanted to have a blog, but we were afraid because of so little time (haha, in the book of excuses that should appear on first page), because we haven’t got enough skills, because of doubts what we will write about – there are many similar blogs on the net, because what is the boundary between sharing our privacy in network and not-sharing it (let’s face it, these cases has been already solved by social media).
And here we are. Now is the moment when the disease won’t dictate terms to us – it is our turn. Actually, from the other hand, fear can be a powerful motivator (we feel it all the time), if only you won’t let him to jump on your head! We won’t.


We hope so … (fear)


Llamateurs vs fear. This time 1:0!