What squeaks in our heads

…so who we are, where do we come from and what does Llamateurs mean exactly?

Two people with two dogs – this piece you already know. That we like sports – this piece too. That we’ve got a few screws loose – soon you will notice. So why not few-srews-loose.com instead of Llamateurs then?

Here is the long awaited, hard to guess, causing sleepless nights and curdling blood explanation! Let’s start with some maths:

LLAMA + AMATEURS = LLAMATEURS (yes – I also definitely prefer math without numbers)

And now some English class:

LLAMA – EXTREMEly curious, social animal; was born to live in mountains, natural habitat 2300 – 4000 m a.s.l., marks: not-funny-at-all face, always brushed teeth

AMATEUR(S) – a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity; nonprofessional;

Nothing more to add. But Emilka always has something to add …

About what connects us with the llamas you can read here. And talking about being amateur … There was a time this thought crossed our minds – the thought that each of us is an amateur in some field. You can’t be a professional in many, many areas. Such a naive statement, but that is what we thought, and so it remained. Therefore, we are amateurs and we admit it boldly and openly. Moreover we are amateurs for a while now (not to say from birth) in many areas, which we write about here and we were in many in the past. So what about our past and where do we actually come from?

Pawel is from Mars, I’m from Venus. And the dogs from stress-free, parallel world with a sprinkle of X factor. We have met each other (me and Pawel, of course), in Poland because I (E) wanted to play the guitar, and Pawel already could. Soon after came Narcyz (Narcissus), who has been with us since 2009 and his start in our family falls on time of carefree student life in Bielsko-Biala (Southern Poland). Since that enlightened time (as well as during it) we have decided to try a lot of things in our lives:

  1. We went on foot from Poland to Croatia. 500 km in legs only to cross the Hungarian – Croatian border and … turn back – to surprise of all people around. We came back home (hitchhiking) with a baggage of experience and definitely a new look at the world and the fact that, although it was always like this, now we can. (2012)

  2. Emilka’s first experience with the UK and English language in slightly different form that the one in books. While exploring foreign reality she decided to go with the flow and see what the busking is. For half a year. Pawel was training martial arts at that time. (2012/2013)

  3. We couldn’t predict it, but it happened. Emilka’s knee injury (torn ACL) and half a year taken from life. We learnt that even during not-active time in your life you can be even more active than before! And planning, a lot of planning. (2013)

  4. We did two-week cycling trip in the Austrian Alps. On the way back the expedition took half chilling, half musician way round and we were busking again – this time Pawel was involved in the rhythm section. (2014)

  5. We hitchhiked from Poland to Slovenia, with the knowledge how to do it this time (yes, there are many different kinds of hitchhiking and couple of rules you should follow). It was raining the whole trip but … how quickly the miles were passed and how nicely time floated during the talks! Definitely the most social holiday from all. (2014 again – lucky us!)

  6. We moved to UK together. After some time we picked Narcyz from Poland. The beginnings wern’t easy, but it was a lot of fun at the same time! (2015)

  7. We flew for a lazy holiday to Spain … And we were ‘beaching’ through the entire 2 weeks with one exception – we carried backpacks and we had a daily routine of around 15 sandy km. Just because. (2015)

  8. We went on a climbing-exploring-relaxing trip to Northern Italy (photo gallery here) with not fully efficient car (but, but … faith works wonders!). We climbed a little bit, relaxed and had a great time. And we saw the Mont Blanc! (2016)

During our trips we tested different types of sleeping/acommodation (from the tent in the wild, on bus stations, the beach, under a bridge, at people’s places, barns, car) and let me tell you what … We are addicted to sleeping now! I think there will be another article about this in the future. Anyway, we recommend variety – that’s for sure!

Besides all the above, we are in a certain sense, mountain-addicts. We lived for a while in the Beskidy Mountains (South Poland), then every time we could we escaped to the Tatras (quite high Polish mountains in the South again) and now we are discovering UK mountains. This is where we first heard about scrambling and we realized we did it for a while before. There will be some posts about it on the blog some day.

OKAY. I think you know something about us now, so we can sleep peacefully (you can do so as well especially while reading this post. Sleeping is very healthy and highly recommended)!