Training time

I want to be fit. I want to do something for myself/my health. I want to run a marathon, to be a champion in Zumba /karate, catch a breath through sport (or maybe opposite – not catch it because of sport!). No chance. It is impossible. Work, home, shopping, paperwork, friends, baby and actually I need to eat something. I bought pass for the gym and it is expired again. I had promised myself that I’ll go for a jog but it had never happened. I can go like this on and on … A moment ago I mentioned, that lack of time is one of the most excusable of excuses, because … Because do we really don’t have it? Where to start to find the time, how to get into a good training routine (or simply touch the sport) and finally … who wins in duel time vs. Llamateurs?


That’s the first thing. Without a goal you will do everything and nothing, half-heartedly, without any direction. Goal is one of the things Llamateurs struggle with the most. We have our big and small goals and a few we have already accomplished. But suddenly we found ourselves in a goalless void, where we do the high five with half of humanity. It is quite good to be here, but the time to go out from it has just come (void is very pleasant however, oh how comfortable is in here!) and find another goal. No, not only one and enormous, but couple of them and additionally set them up in time, which basically means to put the date when they must be attained. And do not rush at the beginning, keep it slow, we don’t hurry anywhere. Also, don’t throw yourself as a fly on a beautiful pink glasses (I suggest only to see the world through them) and search for something great from the beginning … small steps, kaizen. About how to set goals (this is also an important process) you can read on almost every coaching website – I am not a coach, so I won’t talk about it 😉 . And what is Llamateurs goal at the moment? Hm, good question …
cel (goal)


Oh, how beautiful this word is. How many colors it has and how much we can take from it! It is a very important factor – how could we possibly achieve the goal without a proper motivation? So let’s start from today. Let the motivation come to us by different sources, anything – beautiful weather, bad weather, event, book which we’ve read recently, the image of us in 10 years without additional kg, blink from a stranger, future, past, another transfer into the account (yes, yes, money is not everything blah blah) anything that comes to our heads. Llamateurs try to catch motivation from the majority of the surrounding world and, of course, there are some bad days, where the only motivation is the bed and ‘I want to get some sleep’ but mostly we try to overcome it. Moreoverm we probably try to run after two hares (which surely you will find out from this blog and is probably not a good thing either), so maybe the hare is our motivation now? Or maybe a llama?
motywacja (motivation)


Without a plan we won’t get anywhere. Llamateurs are masters of random notes or excel files with the plans of the day, week, trainings or life at all. The plan is the key! With the plan, you’ll eliminate so much unwanted stress factor (and you’ll probably start to stress that you won’t stick to the schedule… because if you love stress and stress is feeling loved it won’t leave you until death … 🙂 ), so grab the card, pen/notebook/mobile and create a plan. We’ve set the goal, remember about motivation and now we have got a plan. One last important thing – the plan does not have to be completed from cover to cover, just let it be. As long as you have a sketch, you’re on the right track.


If you’ve made it to this point it is determination by itself, you don’t need anything else, keep going!


If the plan has been translated into reality, reward yourself. You can go to the movies, eat your favorite food, get out of the city, buy a piece of clothing, go jogging ( 😀 ). Anything. If you half-fulfilled the plan, reward yourself too. There are never too many rewards. Moreover, they work more than you think and make you feel you want more (to achieve the goal).

2 in 1

This is Llamateurs’ patent (and 5000 others people probably) but we like to think it is our idea 😉 What is it?

Do you want to be fit? Then again, step by step, but let’s do this in much more economical way. You do not have to rush to the gym at once, you can start from simple:

  • WALKING to the shop (maybe consider going there more often and take less stuff (or maybe even…you don’t need so much stuff?) Extreme version – 40l backpack – old,good times
  • WALKING to work (not everyone has this privilege, but the bike can also become your best friend! – Pawel was cycling to work 2-3 times a week even 30 km one way so …do you want to be worse?!?! Just look at Pawel… 😀 )
  • if we are talking about this, CYCLING to work – this is alternative version of commuting to work or anywhere and for many people much nicer one (yes, we cycled to work where there was no shower. Moisturizing wipes solve the problem)
2 w 1
  • WALKING with your friends to the city, to other friends, to pubs etc., if there is such a possibility (right, it is raining and do you really want me to WALK there on heels? Here is the answer – umbrella and shoes for change. And, well, it is not raining all the time and how much you save on parking!)
  • spending time with friends in ACTIVE way. It is beautiful weather and you are sitting at home/you are going to the pub? Sure, it is allowed and actually why not, but maybe before you can alltogehter go for some WALK / BIKE / ROLLERSKATES / …. (Seriously, do I have to do explain?) By the way, the interesting activity we found is slackline and archery. If you have no equipment to enjoy the sport you can always find people who have … But more about that another time! (if friends do not want to go out anywhere it’s good to engage in a group of people focused on specific hobbies – but more about that another time too …)

We call this 2-in-1, as the name suggests as it is a connection of two actions. Yes, it takes more time, but don’t you spend more time on other things? Version prime (3 in 1) – try to listen to the foreign language audiobook, books or simply just listen to music and relax whilst walking/cycling/being active!
Look how easy it is. Llamateurs vs time – 1: 0!

PS. We are not coach trainers, we just share what we have read about and what little changes we have made to our lives (or still trying to).