How to start travelling differently PART 2

Do you remember our article from the last week? No?
I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all.

Who would read about those two who (instead of stealing the moon) decided to WALK through the two countries?

And by the way…

Who sane starts travelling from 500 km walk from Poland to Croatia?
Who sane sleeps for a month in the wild?
Who sane takes guitar and drums and plays in the trenches?
And. Let’s face the truth. Who SANE … travels?
I have no idea.
I only know the taste of water after 20 km march, or how lack of water tastes.
I know the sound of boar and how strange it’s to fall asleep without it.
I know how it’s like to pack only necessary things into a backpack and then carry them all the way.
I know how to talk to a sparrow.
I know how to sing ‘Knockin’ on heaven’s door ‘ with completely strangers.
I finally know how it’s like to come back and appreciate my own bed (which actually is a mattress on the floor, but who cares). And click, transfer and create a database of my own colorful memories. In my mind.

I don’t think I’m sane. And if you’re reading this you’re probably not as well. Or at least you’re thinking how not to be!

You know … I don’t have a recipe for how to start travelling. Especially in a different way. I don’t have a ready solution. One day, something snaps in the head – usually because of some motivator (movie, person, conversation, blog) – and … suddenly you’re on the road. Try to surround yourself with motivators and one day it’ll snap in your head, too.

If you’re still sane I am encouraging you – stop it. And if you already follow the path of less sane … Keep it up!

I would only like to add that travels are big and small. You don’t necessarily have to leave everything you know behind you, quit your job and go for 4 years trip around the world. Just do the first step and find your own optimal level of travelling. We found ours and now mostly travel over the weekends and with two dogs! But Poland – Croatia trip was the first one and we will always have a sentiment to it.

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So let’s go to the second part of the article which I wrote about earlier, and feel the atmosphere. Who knows, maybe today we’ll be one of your motivators! Here you go:

“(…) Day 25 – 08/08/2012 Hungary

Only five days of walking, maybe six left. But I stick to that first thought. Mixed feelings again. Today first time I felt that the whole trip is slowly coming to an end. That the end is close (how dramatic!). First, I turned my calm walk to a wild rush of happiness, but then I’ve become a little bit sad…

But let’s start from the beginning. I mean yesterday. We moved from ‘under a tree’ at 17:00. All went nice, timing was good, we had only 10 km to do, but probably did more … We went straight according to the “to Keszthely” sign. It turned out that there are two ways, and unfortunately this one isn’t ours. We had to turn back. It hurt because it was 1.5 km one way … maybe even two. We were an hour back. Fortunately, without any further problems we found the correct “narrow path”. Some people waved to us, some said ‘hello’ – we went further. Finally rest (just in the place with the beautiful smell of excrement)! But it was worth for the view of Sümeg. Cool city! Mega touristic, probably due to the castle which dominates the whole area. I am not usually big fan of castles, but this one was impressive. You just want to climb it!

We went further. Quite nice grounds. Just yesterday we’ve complained about ‘landscape boredom’ in Hungary (compared to Slovakia). But now we’re seeing mountains, fields, wilderness. Amazing! What a shame that the beauty of the landscape goes hand in hand with higher incline on the road! Well, what can you do – that’s why we are here, aren’t we? So we went. After all, rest in Bazsi and looking for a place to sleep. That was challenging because of the terrain – mountains and thick forests everywhere. Decision – we’re sleeping behind the bushes by the roadside. Visible from one house and field road, close to the forest, but this is the only choice.

We’re sleeping. Boars again. This time only one. I wake up – Pawel is already awake – ready and alert. He explained there’s only one and he’s somewhere around. Then silence… I fell asleep. I wake up again – cold. I try to hear something … nothing. Well, that sounds like a green light for getting even deeper to my sleeping bag as quietly as I can (this can’t be done quietly, especially when everything around is mega quiet …) I woke him (I mean boar, not Pawel!). He cries and cries, but really sad in a sense. He is hungry. Pawel heard the rumbling in his tummy (even if it sounds ridiculous!). We were stressed, of course, but felt sorry for him at the same time … Poor thing, but what could we do. He’ll probably find his way to eat something and we don’t want to have our tent damaged. Sorry boar.

We woke up with really good moods next morning. We wrapped our tent quite fast, sang something (instead of eating!) and around 6 a.m. we moved to the side of a road… To rest and wait for wild animals to go away (as they usually look for something to eat early in the morning). We sat for a moment, and then fell asleep. I know. We need a lot of sleeping. We had a nice nap.
After a while, when we were packing … we saw police car– (Hungarian Rendőrség – even word ‘police’ must sound exotic in this language!). Unfortunately they didn’t pass us. Instead, they stopped and started to talk in German. We couldn’t understand them so switched to English, but it didn’t work as well. Younger officer was trying to explain what we are doing wrong, but he was struggling – and we didn’t help him… Something about road, something that it is narrow…. Oh, sorry – we didn’t know we can’t be here!
Passport control, they went into their car – it took them a while so we started packing again – they eventually came back to us with ‘everything okay’ and polite “where are you going?”. Well, Letenye. And that’s it. The only suspicious thing is they turned back while leaving and that means somebody from the village gave them a shout… Conclusion – never ever again sleeping on the side of the road. (…)

(…)And there was a hill, some kilometers and the village after. Then supermarket, shopping and a dog! This large cutie, mega friendly – sat down with us and demanded to pat him to death. Nice rest, but I bought too much water and we struggled to carry it all the way after. Apart from it our moods were excellent and even better after finding jigsaw! The day before, I said to Pawel on the roadside “I wonder how people would react, if we were playing with jigsaw here.” And here you go. Only a day after we stop and what we can see in the trench? Two pairs of “Ice Age” small jigsaw! What a joy it was. We played a little, then did some kilometers, and now we are hiding from the sun in the forest. Pawel is sleeping, I am scribbling. Blue sky, sunny – what a great day it is! It was raining a little bit in the morning, but fortunately we found a bus stop quickly.

And how great bus stops they have here in Hungary! In each village at least one is closed, walled or wooden – they look posh. If we wouldn’t sleep in tent most of the time, we would choose one to sleep for sure – very well maintained (…) ”
Just to recap, we had a successful expedition (yes, it was an expedition for us!). We got to the Hungarian – Croatian border, crossed Mura river and… turned back to surprise of all the people around. We came back by hitchhiking in four days (our first hitchhike as well!), a little tired, but with new experiences, lots of impressions and closer to the nature for sure. We walked on our feet about 500 kilometers, and in total we travelled about 1100 kilometers. It took us 32 days. We’ve overcome thousands of internal barriers and we’ve moved our horizon gently. I wonder where it will take us next time … and what mean of transport we will choose. What about Asia on roller-skates?

I have to admit, we haven’t tried Asia on roller-skates yet… but maybe you’ll do it first?

Or you’ll start travelling in a completely different way?

Already started? How did your first travel look like?

Let us know!

Comments: 13

rik aka August 13, 2016 at 11:04 am

Can’t agree more. Just did the Camino in 30 days. Life slows down when you walk. Half an hour by car means one day on foot. you wake up at dawn. you lose count of the days. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday … all the same, you walk every day. Money gets a new meaning. A hostel bed is 5 euro. a pilgrim’s meal 9. and transportation costs: zero.
keep rocking – rik

    Emilia Mlak August 13, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    We’ve first heard about Camino on our walk then 🙂 Lots of people thought we are heading there and thought we were pilgrims 🙂 We agree in 100%. Everything slows down… We definitely came back more chilled. Hopefully it will last long! And congrats for the Camino as a challenge…As it is a challenge!

Norbert Micus August 15, 2016 at 3:05 pm

Nice pictures and easy-going always

Emily - Unpaved Travel August 15, 2016 at 8:18 pm

A boar! What an interesting experience. I have never hitch-hiked, but I would love to try. Did you enjoy the hitch-hiking experience?

    Emilia Mlak August 16, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Yes, we met a lot of boars 🙂 On this trip we mostly walked, only came back by hitchhiking and we enjoyed both! We did some only-hitchhiking trip to Slovenia in 2014 and then we realized how tough sometimes it is! But smile is the most important thing even if you can’t catch anything for couple of hours 🙂 It is really sociable way of travelling and we highly recommend it if you want to get from one point to another quite quickly and meet a lot of interesting people (lots of people who take you hitchhiked before):)

Elisa August 15, 2016 at 8:25 pm

I would like to try to travel differently but the problem is always the same: TIME. You always needs lots of time to do this kind of things. Thanks for sharing

    Emilia Mlak August 16, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Oh yes, it requires time – but lots things do! If you don’t have a whole month or even a week it is worth to try exploring your surroundings by walking. I had a day off the other day and took dogs for a 7hour walk around my neighbourhood! It was surprising how many polite people I’ve met and what great area we live in!! 🙂 And I still call it ‘travel’! 🙂

Sher August 16, 2016 at 3:56 am

wow HUGE kudos to you for walking your way through! i felt like i walked all over spain but didn’t actually.. ha. it’s such great exercise and such a great way to see so much of a place!


    Emilia Mlak August 16, 2016 at 5:51 pm

    Haha, so we’re waiting when you’ll actually do it, Sher! 🙂 Can’t wait to see Spain from this point of view! 🙂 And yes, it is a great exercise even if sometimes you’ve got enough 🙂 I remember we had a crisis after first couple of days! It was raining and we had enough before we actually started, but we continued and it paid off! Really encourage people to try such a thing even for a few days!

Emma Hart | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles August 16, 2016 at 8:11 pm

This is incredible. What an adventure you must have had! And if you do travel Asia in roller skates, I’d love to read about it!

    Emilia Mlak August 16, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks Emma. It really was amazing for us, too! Roller-skates… Who knows? Maybe you’ll be first? 🙂

Jim August 23, 2016 at 6:38 am

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