Quick walk in Peak District – Mam Tor and the Great Ridge

It happened.

You overslept again. What’s worse not to work this time!

It’s Sunday, 10 am. Daylight has shorten, and you want to see the mountains so much…

How about a 2-3 hour walk in the Peak District?

Quick (but without haste!), picturesque one and near Manchester. If by any chance you live there or visit.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Mam Tor And The Great Ridge!

We’ll go from Edale.

What can you experience on this quick walk?

1) Multi peak insanity

Although the walk takes 2-3 hours, is only 5 miles (with almost 400 m ascent), you will stand on couple of summits. If you walk our way (from Edale car park) it will be Mam Tor, Back Tore and Lose Hill, but like in the mountains you’ll probably step on unexpected ones too!

mountain landscape with dogs
Mam Tor in autumn
Peaks in Peak District

2) Animals

Accept this as standard. Walk in UK mountains without a sheep or a cow? Impossible! Add your dogs and feel like in The Jungle Book!

Sheep in Peak District
Cows in Peak District
Ram in Peak District
Dog in the grass

3) Healthy competition

This time you won’t be the part of it, but only smell the spirit. It might happen that all of the sudden you’ll become a witness of… a cycling contest! Effort, struggle, but above all laughter and fun – how nice! Who knows, maybe you’ll try it next year?

Cycling contest in Peak District

4) Fairy-tale hills

Seriously. Look at them. They are like from fairy tale.

Hills before Mam Tor
View on Peak District summits
Hills in Peak District

5) Colors

You don’t have to buy a paint. Some green, some red… All colors sunk in surroundings.

Red grass in Peak District
Farm in Peak District

6) Moderate ascent… after which you’ll realize you could come here by car

Imagine all this sweat and satisfaction after you reached the summit by your own. You see meadows, views and after a while… asphalt. Yes, you could come here by car… Luckily, to see all the beauty you need to walk a little bit away from the street!

Street in Peak District

7) Lone Tree

And not even one. The most visible is the one on Black Tor. If time allows you can even have a quick nap under…

Hiker with a dog near Black Tor
Lone Tree before Black Tor

8) Smile and satisfaction

Yes. It is today when you woke up too late, without a plan what to do… and eventually you landed in a place like this! Mountains, oxygen, views. All you desired in such a quick walk!

Two hikers in Peak District

And what quick walk do you recommend?

Mountain view in Peak District

PS. To see more detailed description of the walk see the link.