I MEAN… WITH NARCYZ – how do Llamateurs dogs get along with each other.

It has happened.

All of a sudden, without a warning.

Surprisingly quiet, unexpectedly.

She has appeared.

Small, clumsy, barely-grew-from-the-ground, seemingly cute, just-for-hugs creature. Sweet eyes, strong teeth and general stand-above-me-and-melt-animal. It is neither a rat, nor a deer … and certainly not a llama.


She hasn’t been yet in the space (everything is possible!), but she definitely knows her space here, on the Earth and how to care about it. She has less than 3 months, and already walked over our heads. In terms of Narcyz – literally.

Who is Narcyz? Our first dog, who rarely speaks about himself, but if so only on blog. Unfortunately he had to greet the new family member in his buster collar. Because of it the world around was kind of limited and let’s say the first confrontation was not a complete success as a small ball with the smell of a dog completely fell in love with his tail (what a great toy!). What is Narcyz thinking about it today? We have managed to get to him between first and second nap:

Narcyz about Laika: “I don’t know. I wasn’t completely aware about what is actually going on. At first, I smelled a strange smell, then the door opened and suddenly I felt uncomfortable feeling of needles on my tail. For a moment I thought maybe I bit myself, but then I remembered that I still have the collar on and I wouldn’t reach it anyway, so it was impossible. By the corner of my eye I saw that some great bur stuck to me like to a dog’s tail. I tried to step back, but it didn’t help. Within a fraction of a second this strange squirrel managed to change its location three times and bit me in the paw, ear and nose. The collar was bitten also. Fortunately, Emilka and Pawel were nearby and caught this strange thing just in time. While leaving the room I spotted it was jumping on the walls, running around and somehow … looked like it was in its home. For a moment I stopped feeling that way. “

Fortunately, over time it was much better, what Narcyz confirms by his own words (he left briefly to the garden, yawned and returned):

‘Yes, yes. Laika is a bro now. I’m naturally a little shy and sometimes do not comprehend what is going on (no, no, I don’t know what the weed is – to prevent any gossips after – I know only ‘wee’). Anyway, we get along with each other well – me and Laika. We run together in the garden, bite each others’ necks and generally have fun. We play some dogs’ judo as well (from the outside it may look a little scary, but in fact it is not). Well, maybe apart from the situation when Laika bit my palate and we saw a little blood. But we are hardcore dogs, so situation requires it sometimes. Besides, a little drama for Emilka and Pawel is all right. But I must say Laika is a terminator – respect for her. She flies instead of run, she don’t care about hitting walls or fences all the time…everything. She even breaks her teeth sometimes without a sound. I would like to be like her when I grow up. Ah, wait a minute … I’m already an adult. So when I’ll become a child again. I feel that this process slowly begins, but I like it somehow. And it’s all thanks to Laika. I like her too. Actually it’s nice to have a sister! ‘

What does Laika say?

We asked about her version of events, but let’s face it. She is a whippet, we couldn’t catch her. We heard only far away ‘woof!’ and a cheerful rustle of stripped wallpaper … 🙂