Where to find pokemon in mountains

Snowdon and dogs – approach two.

You know that feeling when something stalks you? The song, quote, pleading dogs’ eyes saying ‘let’s go out and play’? Or maybe someone? That feeling when you read a book (sorry, I mean computer) and you feel watched, you can’t focus on things and you’re afraid to look out the window, door… even corner of your bed? When you put a sock on in the morning and there is a big hole in the second one and that make you think ‘maybe there is somebody behind it’? Or even worse – you’re doing laundry and the same sock just all of the sudden DISAPPEAR? Without saying goodbye, without last sock-wave … just THE END. It is LOST?

I know that feeling. Not so long ago (only a few days) I woke up with chills and sweats (by the way in UK we experience now a heatwave, 30 degrees in plus!) buffeted by a feeling of uncertainty. In the corner of the room I saw the outline of a figure. Despite the darkness, it’s black outline loomed majestically in the corner with peeled wallpaper, yellow tan glowed like out of this world, and the tail of lightening shape was wagging rapidly, sweeping a dust directly to the realm of Neverland, giving the creature constant red blush circle. Before I turned around, or rather rubbed my eyes in surprise, the ghost disappeared, and I felt a smell …. Of what was coming. Suddenly I knew. He visited me. PIKACHU. Now I need to find him.

For the last few weeks the world has been shaken by Armageddon in the form of game called Pokemon GO. As we don’t have access to it yet and never played, I started to feel guilty. Again, I am an ignorant, I don’t follow reality (even not real one) and instead of playing I will go to the mountains over the weekend. At the same time I felt that even cooking dinner (yes, sometimes I cook and yes, it is never a proper dinner although I really want it to be) meals become saltier (it can’t be me), kitchen accessories accidentally change their places (it can’t be Laika. Okay! It can’t be me), and generally I am torn by distraction (it’s definitely not me!). I felt, I felt that someone was watching me. Now I know. It was PIKACHU.

I decided to go out to meet him … and see if he really exists. I have to admit we are not game geeks at all, actually we barely play (Pawel a little bit, I stopped somewhere in era of The Sims and Mario), so we could check it in the only possible, secure and familiar to us way.


Say what you want. If I have to find Pikachu somewhere, and it is up in the mountains … he must hide on Snowdon. And if so, why not kill two birds with one stone (oh, it is a horrible saying when you think about it!), and apart from the main point of the program (see Pikachu) we decided to bite Snowdon from the same side as last time, and this time we won!

Without further ado …

This time summit appeared quickly. Without looking back, ignoring the wild sun racing as a horse once above the clouds, once below them, but mostly behind… Unaware of burnt skin (yes, burnt skin even if it was mostly cloudy) and blisters on fingers from scratching our heads … we reached the top. All of a sudden Snowdon simply… became:

But where is he? Where is Pikachu? As you can see on the top there were many creatures (including Laika and Narcyz using their energy from the universe, well done you littles!). Only not him. I knew it won’t be easy. I knew he is a sly beast. He found out secretly about our intention and decided to play with me as a cat plays with mouse. But he chose the wrong person…

On the way back we explored more and started to search more accurately, even asking seagulls for help:

Dogs as well:

We were looking in clouds:

Near the posts, with scary edges in the background:

We asked sheep. Those with wool:

And those without:

We checked if Narcyz didn’t eat him:

We used Pawel’s hand as a dreamcatcher to see if he is not hiding there:

Unfortunately he wasn’t even under the rock:

And when we lost all our hope:

He eventually appeared! With his bodyguards.

And he told us something that has changed our lives forever…

What was it?

I’ll tell you next time. But we have to admit we did quite a good walk.

But wait a second. Maybe that was the goal of all of this?