A Complete Guide to get your dog knackered

Well… We all know it, not since today. Tired dog equals happy dog. Moreover, happy dog equals happy owner! Who is even happier if he finds some spare time for him during the day without remorse, that his pet does not have appropriate dose of activity. In addition with the sweet view of curled up doggy wandering with a calm breath in the land of dream.

How to make it real? How to make your dog KNACKERED? We have tested several ways over the last couple of months and here is the outcome:

Find a companion to play.

It is the simplest and the most difficult solution at the same time. It may be a dog, human, fly. In our case it was quite easy – we have two dogs, we consider ourselves as humans (from time to time), we invite flies to dinner sometimes without telling them they may become a main course (if they do so it is only because of our carelessness – this is to all Buddhists and all kinds of Existences’ lovers). Variety is the key.

PS. You can also enroll dogs to judo class:

Go for a loooooooooong walk.

Choose walk in the mountains (click) if you want to be tired, too. Several hours and tadada. Solved. If a dog has short legs and is not overly active, hill will be enough (otherwise be prepared for carrying a dog), if he/she is a puppy, remember to not push too much, and if it is a breed adapted to everything and indestructible … the walk will make you indestructible as well, why not to try.
For people without urge to heights: a walk in the park also does the job.

Introduce a new friend.

Teddy is the best choice (unless your dog does not get along well with cuddly toys. Or just opposite – he/she loves them and after a while teddy is gone). In the worst case, you’ll find out that your pet’s sweet eyes are only on photos, at best – dog gained a new companion, and you 3 hours to paint nails / read the book / catch Pokemon (klik).

Check out what solution our dogs chose:

Run with dog or… make the dog run.

We tried first option some time ago, and it ended up with sniffing every single flower (for a moment we thought maybe it is worth a try if it is so interesting?). So we quickly changed it to the Second option. Walk, ball, grass. What more could you want:

Show the dog how your work looks like, and he/she will be weary at once.

After 3 seconds, there is no dog in a room. You can hear only loud snoring.

Take care of the appropriate tools – toys.

As you can see whippet is not easy to please and certainly not with toys and at a time when you want it. It is a picky breed and gets bored quickly, luckily we were prepared. Jaws workout, some running after the toys and voila. You’ve got tired dog. If we can make whippet tired, so can you.

Activities form the bag of versatilities.

Bike, scooter, rugby, Frisbee. Do what you want and introduce dog to it. Playing football can completely change its face, and the prize is precious – quiet and restful evening.

We chose footbag. In the case of team sports the only risk is injury – your, dog’s, ball’s. Fortunately, we usually experience only the last one.


It will not necessarily make your dog knackered but will make him quieter and focused on his interior (literally: he’ll analyze the digestive processes in its intestine, less literally: he will stop jumping up and down while hearing the smallest chirp of bird outside and will not move his eyebrow or paw while seeing piece of lettuce falling in the kitchen – yes, our dogs love lettuce). You see the benefits now. Meditation is best done after the biggest state of excitement, after all previous steps previously mentioned, as there is a huge chance process may fail.


Sometimes dog gets sleepy only because you show him/her a bed. Sounds familiar?

*Bonus – an experiment for whippet owners (or any hyper-friendly breed).

Walk with your dog into a crowd of people and see what happens.

You’ve tried it before? Or maybe you know the answer already?

After the enormous amount of jumps performed by your dog within 5 minutes (I mean half an hour) the only finish must be a bed. And you probably also ended up there, tired of watching and answering friendly ‘oh, what a sweet dog, what is that breed?’ or hostile glances ‘ I hate dogs, it can’t even walk properly. ” Anyway it is a great fun and if you like to talk to people like us… Try it!

And what are your ways to make your dog knackered?