Snowdon – dogs’ first approach.


Snowdon – the highest peak of Wales, 1085 a.s.l., Snowdonia
DogsLaika, Narcyz
The rest of Llamateurs – somewhere in the background

And all began from… joyful Saturday-morning Laika’s bark (160 decibels – the explosion of firecrackers) and the subtle rumble of the door opening by Narcyz (220 decibels – the atomic bomb explosion). Saturday. 6:00 am. Our dogs somehow sniffed that at this time none of the neighbors will chase us with a rake or use the latest application YELL ON NEIGHBOUR CAUSE HE IS LOUD AT NIGHT (not that we ever had this experience, but it works in our imagination like that) and have decided to create this as a daily routine. After a while, charming 5 kg with even more charming 7 kg suddenly ran on our sleepy bodies declaring that woof-it is time to get up, woof- and time to play. Without delay, seeing their energy reaching zenith (ceiling almost suffered from the jumps), we decided to exploit it and set off as soon as possible… At 11:00 we started to drive in mountains’ direction. (Yes, setting off with dogs took us so much time. Yes, we turned on our computers in the meantime – our fault!)

During 1.5 hour journey in a car we learned a few important things:

  1. Puppies tend to have motion sickness (we know they TEND TO have it, but Laika? Our Laika? Yes, it touches even indestructible).
  2. Puppies do not know how to communicate they have a motion sickness
  3. Puppies sing louder than the radio (yes, whippets also bark)
  4. Adult dogs apparently don’t have motion sickness when near a puppy, which has it

And we reminded ourselves that:

  1. The weather in the UK is changeable. Every 1 mile. Or 1 minute. Well, at least drive is interesting! By the way, Northern coast of Wales is beautiful. For me it is quite similar to Italy – no, I’m not joking. We will show photos one day for doubters.

We chose the Rhyd Ddu path. Snowdon, the highest peak of Wales, gives us 6 possibilities to reach the summit. We have chosen the quietest and not difficult way this time (about Snowdon you will hear more than once, he is our good friend). Anyway he didn’t oppose too much. At the beginning he was a little bit frowned and you could see clouds on his face, but then he realized who is coming towards him (us with new little dots at the side), and decided it is all right, he knows us. The clouds immediately vanished so we grabbed equipment and did some photos:

Dogs had fun. They were running, walking, did some judo, were choosing the simplest way to jump on a rock and then the least muddy one to go down.

Eventually, they had a really active day for the first time in the UK mountains (Narcyz) and mountains in general (Laika)

As a person of Polish origin (country with mountains in the south, bordering the sea only at north) I like Snowdon as you can see the coast from the top (mountains and sea – best combination ever!) … Well, but wait a minute – this time we didn’t reach the summit. What happened?

Little Laika (the terminator) chose convenient time for her (short rest in ¾ of the way to the top) and literally just jumped on Pawel’s knees … To stay there forever. We decided to finish our 2 hour walk seeing how sleepy she is (no reaction for anything at all). It has soften our hearts (well, our feet also were sort of soft after climbing up the mountain).
This time we didn’t meet with our friend face to face, but I think he forgives us. We know from unofficial sources that he is already getting ready for the next meeting…

PS. Rhyd Ddu from Snowdon resulted with something new from our side. For those who didn’t have opportunity yet… Check out our 30 second video from the trip!