Llandudno on 8 paws (+4)

Once upon a time there was a … Llandudno. A town in Northern Wales located on the Creuddyn peninsula which gently (or maybe aggressively – peninsula would need to say a word about it by itself) protrudes into the Irish Sea with stunning views… on Irish Sea. Countless amount of people had stopped in Llandudno, heard about its splendor, landscapes out of this world, access to the sea and smiles on children’s faces joyfully playing on the beach…
That’s why Llamateurs decided to hike in the mountains last weekend.

They chose Snowdonia of course, with its infinite number of paths and trails to explore (there are no marked paths in UK mountains, you need to rely on your own navigation skills or people around!) to be more specific – Ogwen Valley. Llamateurs intended to spend the weekend under the motto of not-intensive-effort due to the young Laika’s paws and not so young Narcyz’s heart. It was supposed to be beautiful, as in a fairy tale! The plans, organization, maps (all done just before departure – logistics level expert), and what happened?
Well, there was like in fairy tale. But in Llandudno this time!

Yes, I know. Introduction like a Shakespeare. And yes, this is how Llamateurs’ everyday life looks like – the more something pulls them in one way, the more they opt for other. But honestly… all ways have something to offer. Exploring hunger is fed anyway!
But getting to the point. Llandudno welcomed us with joyful rays of sun, sea air … and soon reminded us about Brexit.

As we don’t talk about politics too much, and were persistently urged by the coast, we immediately chose the direction of the blue sky, abandoning all the toil behind us and went ahead with a seagull as a guide. After a while it turned out there are more guides around (which is actually nothing new in here). Not paying attention on that, we decided to make the parking- coast part quite quickly, ignoring any inconvenience (new smells which were calling Laika and Narcyz like sirens sailors, sun operating on faces without sunglasses, other 4-paws creatures lurking from every corner to cheerfully bark without a warning or wag their tails and make more wind …) we eventually made it. 4,5 min instead of 5 including acceptance of any ‘obstacles’ or even allowing them to lick our faces…Yeah!

Coast looked like the one from postcards. Nice promenade, crowded and less crowded areas, sea and cliffs. And all of this bathed in sun. We set ‘end of the cliff’ direction ‘ and started walk to meet it. We didn’t predict only one thing – ban on dogs on the beach during the summer season. So we chose (choice without a choice!) the promenade, but it was equally enjoyable.

Along the way, we did encounter quite interesting initiative – sign language concert for people who can’t hear. Basically, four people explained the song played in the background using sign language – so simple as that but what a nice idea! (simple idea not the effort of course). The audience was quite small, but people stopped, listened, we even noticed the lady on the bench who sang in sign language together with the band. Cool thing!

We also saw interesting memory monuments … benches. Moving closer you could find out details of person who had passed away or simply read the quote.

As our Llamateurs’ souls always pull us to the least populated, wild places, finally we got to the end of the coast … and we found a great place to chill! Without any people around. In the meantime, Laika met the sea at first time and Narcyz found new friends – waves. When we finally sat and began to admire the landscape weather rapidly changed over, showing their rainy face. We decided to stay anyway, only found more comfortable and warmer place for Laika. The so-called. Kangaroo!

The whole trip was successful. Llandudno turned out to be a charming place, not as crowded as we thought this time a year, and a ban on dogs finally ended (or at least not revealed for a while) so we managed to touch the sea (yes, Narcyz even tasted it). Maybe next time we will jump into the water, but for now only luxury remained!

Yes. This is the Blue Lagoon we did encounter while walking down the promenade.